Our Promise

We provide detailed clarity on the best course of action for any aspect of your dealings. With an eye on the big regional picture, we are open minded, dynamic and independent individuals who share high standards and a commitment to excellence. We will always strive to build humanity into the way we do our business.

The N&P Experience

At Naqiz & Partners, we believe that these elements are critical in tailoring a unique experience for both our people and our clients. We like to call it, the N&P Experience.

NP The Future of Law

Dynamic, diverse and full of endeavour. Where inspiring talent coupled with an imaginative perspective takes centre stage to deliver results beyond the norm. Welcome to the future of law.

Corporate Responsibility

As a firm that is active throughout the SEA region, we have an impact on many local and regional economies. After all, we realise that everything we do, every opportunity we create and every genuine gesture we make in the process of operating our firm can make a difference.